Boundary Survey

A survey made to establish or re-establish a property line or to obtain information for constructing a map showing a property line.



Resubdivision of Property

A survey in which the legal boundaries of an area are located, and the area is divided into parcels. All necessary corners or dividing lines are established.


Flood Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate documents the elevation of your home or building for the floodplain managers enforcing local building ordinance, and for insurance rating purposes (www.fema.gov).



Builder’s Package

A packaged group of surveying services to satisfy the requirements and needs established by the builder, mortgage holder, and/or local government. A builder's package typically includes a no work affidavit, establishment of property corners, proposed elevation certificate, slab survey, slab elevation certificate, and final elevation certificate. A builder's package can be altered to fit the client’s specific needs.



Construction Stakeout

A survey to locate and mark one more more points, such as computed points needing field location.



Slab Survey

A survey performed to determine the slab location at a new construction site. A certified map will be provided to show the location of the structure on the parcel of land, and to determine if the slab is properly located.



No Work Affidavit

A No Work Affidavit is provided prior to the start of construction in order to confirm that neither work has begun nor materials have been delivered prior to the closing of the loan.



As Built Surveys

Determining true location and/or elevation of structures or improvements at a particular site to confirm location and/or elevation matches the construction plans



Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) Survey

A survey performed to have a parcel, a portion of a parcel, or a structure removed from a standard flood hazard area.




A set of standards established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), which specifies guidelines for conducting surveys that will be used for title insurance purposes. An ALTA/ACSM survey typically exceeds the requirements of a boundary survey.



Topographic Survey

A survey that shows the location and elevation of natural features and man‐made structures located on a particular parcel of land.



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